New Mexico’s Eldorado High School gets a load of new Nook e-readers.

Read - Research - Relax

sums up the library program at Eldorado High School.  Heather Dahl, school librarian, elaborated in her presentation at the Vision Tour celebration.  Read meant that students and teachers had checked out over 17,000 books this year so far.  A very active student book club has read 200 YA novels in two years.  New Nook e-readers were just obtained via a grant and the proud and knowledgeable student aides were putting on demonstrations for visitors and faculty alike. 

For research, Heather noted that 541 classes had also been to the library and logged 2.5 million minutes on Gale databases and completed 8,569 JSTOR searches on the library’s website which is available 24/7.  The statistics are impressive - all librarians should keep note of them.

Relaxation comes in the form of about 3000 students visiting the library independently this year and loving the accessibility and the “safe place” that is the library.  Case in point is Cheyenne, a student who has checked out 100 books this semester. 

Teachers, like Ms. Kahl who teaches English, talked passionately about why the teachers at Eldorado value independent readers and how it prepares them to be comfortable in an academic setting.  She demonstrated through a video her class had created on their “top three books.”

Heather was plugged into using technology to support learning goals.  I had been a little familiar with VOKI before but saw it used very creatively at Eldorado.  The math class used it to create avatars that recited math poems.  Students who are hesitant to present on their own seemed to be quite comfortable having a proxy through VOKI do the presenting.  I may incorporate this into my own graduate classes, particularly the London multimedia production class. 

Heather Dahl is building a culture of reading at Eldorado High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

New Mexico

April 13, 2011